DIY vs. Professional HVAC Maintenance | Team Bob'sRegular HVAC maintenance for your cooling and heating system keeps it running efficiently and dependably, and it’s engineered for both homeowner and professional maintenance. Neglecting either drives up energy costs and precipitates early part failure.

As a homeowner, you need to check and replace the air filters when they’re covered with dust. A dirty filter is the primary cause of premature part failure. A clean filter allows the exact amount of air through the blower compartment. As the filter builds dust, the airflow slows, and it sets the stage for higher energy costs and taxes all the parts inside the system.

Keep the outdoor condenser clean. The condenser houses a condensing coil that collects dust and dirt that hinder its ability to cool the hot refrigerant from your home quickly. Periodically during the summer, check the coil for dust and hose it off gently.

Grass clippings often collect on the coil and its fins that also retard the cooling process. If they’re caked on, look for coil cleaner in home improvement centers. Remove any other landscaping debris that’s within 24 inches of the perimeter of the condensing unit.

What a Professional Does

The HVAC maintenance a professional technician provides addresses the mechanical and electrical aspects of your system. The technician has access to the manufacturer’s specifications and will address each component in your system to bring it back to its original condition as much as possible.

  • Professional maintenance involves checking the electrical flow using meters to spot problems associated with corroded or dirty parts.
  • HVAC pros use special gauges to test the refrigerant level. If it’s low, he or she will look for leaks and add more.
  • The technician will add oil to the components that increases their performance and reduces wear.
  • The technician will test the airflow using a meter and look for ductwork leaks or problems.

A clean filter and condenser, combined with the professional HVAC maintenance your system requires, helps keep energy costs low and indoor comfort high. To learn more, contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing, serving homeowners in Grand Traverse County and the surrounding area.

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