Digital Features You Should Look for in an HVAC SystemIf you’re planning to replace your home’s cooling equipment, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the latest in HVAC technological advancements and digital features. Investing in new equipment with the following features can save you money on energy over the long term and boost your home comfort too.

Smart Thermostat

Today’s new generation of smart thermostats can intuitively sense the indoor conditions in a home and make automatic adjustments and setbacks based on the temperature, occupancy, humidity, and other variables. With a smart thermostat, you’ll benefit from lower energy bills while enjoying better humidity control and more even cooling.

Variable-Speed Air Handler

A single-speed air handler starts and stops repeatedly in response to the temperature setting on your thermostat. Whenever the thermostat signals for cooling, the unit cycles on and runs on high until the temperature setting is satisfied. In contrast, a variable-speed model can modulate its speed automatically. It runs on low most almost continuously, and only ramps up to high when the thermostat signals that extra cooling is needed. This efficient operation not only saves energy, but it also puts less wear on the system’s components.

Variable-Speed Compressor

A standard compressor only has one speed, so it always operates at 100 percent capacity. A variable-speed compressor is better suited to our climate where 100 percent cooling capacity is rarely needed. This type of compressor can adjust its speed incrementally to match the exact amount of cooling needed to maintain comfort.

Automatic-Delay Fan Control

An automatic delay control on the blower unit keeps the fan running briefly after the cooling equipment cycles off. This ensures that all the cooled air is pushed out of the ductwork during each cooling system cycle.

Fan-Only Switch

This feature allows you to use the HVAC system for ventilation only during the spring and fall shoulder seasons or on cooler nights during the summer months when air conditioning isn’t needed.

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