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Degree Days: Your HVAC Contactor Uses Them, And You Can Too

Degree days give you a way to better estimate your energy bills and learn more about how you use energy throughout the year. By using degree days, you can also figure out exactly where your energy costs are going.

There are both cooling and heating days. You calculate them by taking the difference between the current day’s temperature and the baseline of 65 degrees to reach the number that signifies your heating and cooling needs.  When you look at these numbers across a time span — say an entire month — you begin to see patterns in how you use your energy.

HVAC contractors use them to see trends, not only from month to month, but also from year to year. It is important for them to understand the needs of residents in the area they serve. By using these easy formulas, you can have access to the same comprehensive knowledge they have.

For example, if the high for the day is 95 degrees, and the low is 75, then the average temperature is 85 degrees.  When you subtract the baseline of 65 from 85, you get 20 cooling degree days.

It works just the opposite during colder times of the year. If the average temperature of the day is 50, subtract that from 65 to get 15.  If the average temperature is 65, then there are no degree days.

You can analyze this information to get a clear picture of how much energy you are using during different times of the year. This can help you prepare for how much you will need to spend as energy costs fluctuate.  You can also use the information to make adjustments in how you consume energy to try to lower your total energy costs.

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