Keep Cooling Costs Low With These Helpful TipsInstead of managing your summertime cooling costs by turning the thermostat up, these methods can help you stay comfortably cool and drive down energy consumption at the same time. You can help your cooling system work more efficiently and make small improvements to your home to measurably lower your energy consumption. 

Tactics for Reducing Cooling Costs

  • Use a programmable thermostat, especially if you’re away during the day. Schedule it to change the temperature based on when you’re at home and away. You can start the cooling cycle shortly before you return home to a comfortable home.
  • Lower cooling bill by having your air conditioner professionally serviced. The cleaning and adjustments made by HVAC pros lower its energy consumption. If you have an uncomfortable room, ask the technician to evaluate the ductwork. Leaking ducts will drive up energy bills in proportion to their size.
  • Look for and seal air leaks around window frames and apply fresh weatherstripping if you see gaps around the exterior door frames.
  • Minimize the heat indoors on hot days to easily cut cooling costs. Put off cooking, baking and laundry until evening, or use an outdoor barbecue or slow cooker.
  • Install ceiling fans. You can increase the temperature in the summer by about four degrees and still feel comfortable with a ceiling fan moving the air. A ceiling fan creates the perception of cooling by speeding the evaporation of moisture on your skin.
  • Cover windows. Pull the drapes or shades on south- and west-facing windows during hot weather to reduce the heat gain. You can also use awnings or pull-down shade screens outdoors to reduce the amount of heat coming indoors.
  • Use ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to remove some of the steam and heat, but don’t let them run continuously because they do remove a good deal of air you’ve paid to cool.

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