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Feeling a Cold Draft? It’s Never Too Late to Caulk Windows

Feeling a Cold Draft? It's Never Too Late to Caulk WindowsLeaking windows can cause power bills to skyrocket as the temperature plummets. As winter hits full force, it’s important to caulk your windows to reduce heating costs. The following steps can help you prepare your home against the frigid winter winds.

Step One: Inspect your windows

As caulk ages, it can lose its usefulness. Homeowners should check the inside and outside of each window for cracked and worn caulk. Signs that indicate it’s time to caulk windows, include:

  • Drafts: To locate drafts, you can use a candle or another flame. Hold it up to the window seams, and if the flame bends or flickers, there’s a draft that needs to be sealed.
  • Missing caulk: If the weather has been particularly brutal over the summer, caulking can come loose and fall off completely.
  • Damaged caulk: The summer sun can make caulk dry out, which can cause it to crack. Carefully inspect all window seams for dried out caulk and replace as needed.

Step Two: Remove old caulk

Removing old caulk is fairly easy. Using a putty knife, carefully work the blade under the old caulk and pry it off. If it’s stuck, you can apply a caulk softener. It’s important to make sure you remove as much old caulk as possible, so the new sealant will adhere completely to the window seams.

Step Three: Caulk windows

Once you’ve removed the old and broken caulk, carefully reapply. To do this, cut the tip at a 45 degree angle and hold the caulking gun at the same angle. Slowly apply the caulk, making sure the tip fits snugly into the crack. Then, finish it off by dragging a wet finger along the caulk line to give it a smooth and clean look. Allow it to dry up to 15 hours, and your home will become a more comfortable place to live.

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