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Winter Safety Precautions for Your Traverse City Home

Winter Safety Precautions for Your Traverse City Home

It is no secret that our winters can feel brutal and create road hazards. Beyond travel delays, however, the freezing temperatures can lead to safety issues in the home. Here are winter home safety tasks to tackle to make sure your home and its occupants have a safer winter season.

How You Can Prevent Ice Dams

How You Can Prevent Ice Dams

The presence of ice dams almost always indicates problems with your attic’s insulation or ventilation, or air leaks from the ceilings into the attic. The dams themselves pose a danger should they break off from the eaves, and they can also deteriorate your home’s exterior and the attic. Preventing them not only maintains the home’s structural integrity, but improves its energy efficiency.

Protect Your Michigan Home From Severe Weather This Winter

It’s no secret that Michigan winters can be harsh. The winter of 2013 was one of the coldest winters in many years and many Michiganians got a much needed reminder that it is essential to prepare for winter weather. Don’t be caught unaware if this winter is another tough one: take steps now to protect your home from severe weather.

Weatherize Your Home for the Summer — It’s Not Too Late

It’s just as important to weatherize your home in the summer as it is in the winter. Where winter weatherization keeps your Traverse City home feeling warmer longer, the same techniques can help keep it cooler during the hottest summer days. The time and money it takes to properly weatherize a household is recouped in annual comfort and reduced energy costs.

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