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Sump Pump

Tips to Keep Your Home’s Basement from Flooding

Tips to Keep Your Home's Basement from FloodingBasement flooding is a mess to clean up and drying it out is rarely the end of the story. Damage to drywall or items stored in the basement and the possibility of mold growth are all things you might face. Take the following steps to prevent this home disaster.

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What to Expect During a Professional Sump Pump Inspection

What to Expect During a Professional Sump Pump InspectionMaintaining your sump pump regularly by cleaning the inlet and pump screen is essential to keep it running reliably. A yearly professional sump pump inspection is also vital to ensure your home and belongings are protected against water damage and mold growth due to basement flooding and ground water intrusions.

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Do You Have a Backup Sump Pump for Your Basement? Here’s Why You Should

Do You Have a Backup Sump Pump for Your Basement? Here's Why You ShouldBecause your primary sump pump is vital to your home’s safety in the event of a flood or water inundation, a backup sump pump is critical in the event it fails. Rising ground water, local flooding, a catastrophic indoor water line rupture or a sewer backup can pour hundreds of gallons of water into the basement, ruining possessions and damaging the structure of the house. A sump pump that activates automatically and pumps water out through a discharge line is your first line of defense against water damage. But what if it fails?

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