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Solar Energy Systems

Basics of Solar Safety

Basics of Solar SafetyTo get all the benefits of solar power, make sure you know some of the basics of solar safety. A solar system installed in your home can substantially reduce dependence on power from the utility grid and cut monthly electric bills drastically. Professionally installed solar systems are mature, proven technology that meets strict electrical and fire codes.

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Here’s How You Can Use Solar Shades to Lower Your A/C Costs

Here's How You Can Use Solar Shades to Lower Your A/C CostsSummer is a great time of year to enjoy outdoor activities, whether at the lake, a ball game, or relaxing on your porch. However, summertime also means uncomfortable heat gain in parts of your home and higher energy bills for your pocketbook. If you want a change for the better, read on to learn how solar shades can help.

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With A Solar Water Heater, Let The Sun Heat Your Home’s Water

With A Solar Water Heater, Let The Sun Heat Your Home's WaterSolar-powered water heating is an efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional home water heating systems. Costs for regular water heaters can account for a high percentage of your monthly utility bills — up to 25 percent in many cases. A solar water heater can be a wise choice because the fuel used to heat your water — sunshine — is plentiful and free.

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Get Top Performance From Solar Energy Systems When You Know These Efficiency Terms

When you decide to add a solar energy system to your home, you want to know you’re getting the most for your money. These systems often require a large upfront cost and can disrupt your home life during installation, so it pays to know exactly what you’re getting. The more you know about your new energy system, the more accurately you can calculate how long it will take to recoup those upfront expenses.

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