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Insulation: The Best Types

Insulation: The Best Types

How to keep your home warm and comfortable in an efficient manner may cross your mind quite often during the winter in the Traverse City area. Sure, you can keep cranking up the thermostat temperature whenever you’re too cool, but you probably don’t want sky-high heating bills. By far, the more cost-efficient way to keep your home comfortable is using the right insulation types in the right places.

Insulation is Important for Summer, Too

Insulation is Important for Summer, Too

Insulation does more than keep your home toasty in winter. It provides a thermal barrier, which means it prevents summer’s heat from moving through the walls or attic and into your home. Here is more about that and steps you can take to keep your home cooler all summer long.

Proper Attic Insulation Can Help Save You Energy All Year Long

Proper Attic Insulation Can Help Save You Energy All Year Long

The amount and quality of the attic insulation in your home makes the largest impact on its energy efficiency and your year-long energy costs. Adequate insulation properly installed will start saving energy immediately, and last for years. In most cases, it’s the most affordable improvement for long lasting comfort.

Make Sure You Insulate These Areas of Your Home

Make Sure You Insulate These Areas of Your Home

Adequate home insulation makes a big difference in the size of your monthly utility bills. Upgrading the insulation in an older home built before energy efficiency was a major concern could be one of the best investments you will ever make. Even if your home is new and relatively “tight,” there may be some insulation upgrades you can make to save energy. As you consider ways to improve your home insulation, look at the following areas first. They will give you the best returns on your energy-efficiency investments. 

Insulation for Savings: What You Should Know

The insulation in your home now may not be the optimal insulation for savings. Some homes are constructed with the bare minimum of insulation needed to meet building codes. With the weather we get around Grand Traverse County, upgrading from those minimum levels will both save you money and keep you more comfortable.

Insulation Basics: What R-Values Mean to You

The R-values of the insulation in your home make a big impact on your conditioning bills and interior comfort. These values indicate how long the insulation resists heat transfer, and each numeric digit behind the “R” indicates an hour’s worth of thermal protection. The R stands for resistance and the type of heat that insulation blocks is the kind that travels through solid objects, like your roof, floor and walls.

Insulation: Is Yours Up To The Task?

Northern Michigan’s natural beauty brings with it the fierce winters that make us all glad our homes are well insulated. If you have any doubts about the insulation in your home, here are four ways to make sure yours is up to the task.

Home Insulation: the Issue With Ventilated Crawl Spaces

Ventilated crawl spaces are common in older homes because they sound like a good idea. In theory, open vents in crawl spaces should improve air circulation and allow accumulated moisture to vent outdoors. The problem is these vents often do just the opposite, especially in humid Michigan. The vents let in more moisture than they let out.

Insulating Your Home: How a Single R-Value Can Vary

When you’re adding insulation to your home, the insulating R-value tells your the product’s efficiency. It’s the industry standard for how insulation is measured, and the Federal Trade Commission penalizes any inaccurate or misleading R-value claims. But does this standardization mean that insulation with the same R-value performs identically in all homes? You might be surprised.

Insulate Your Water Heater for Another Layer of Energy Savings

Saving energy is not only the green thing to do, it saves you money. One of the simplest means of saving energy — a solution that does not require an expensive construction project or costly upgrades — is insulating your water heater, or having someone do it for you.

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