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Heat Pumps

Important Home Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

Important Home Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

If well maintained, a heat pump can keep you cozy even in the coldest of Grand Traverse County winters. Annual professional maintenance goes a long way, but there are still some things you’ll need to do yourself.

Thinking About a Geothermal Heat Pump? You Can Get a Tax Credit!

Thinking About a Geothermal Heat Pump? You Can Get a Tax Credit!

If you’ve been considering replacing your existing HVAC system with a geothermal heat pump (GHP), 2016 may be the most advantageous time to do so. The Recovery Act of 2009 made tax credits available for homeowners who install exceptionally efficient HVAC and solar equipment. While some of provisions for high efficiency equipment have expired, the credits are still available for GHPs and solar systems that end in 2016.

Increase Heat Pump Efficiency with Simple Maintenance Tips

With spring weather approaching, it’s time to complete your home’s annual HVAC maintenance plan. Heat pumps are no exception. They must be properly maintained to reach maximum heat pump efficiency. Well-maintained heat pumps are 10 to 25 percent more efficient than those that aren’t regularly maintained.

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps and the Benefits of Multiple Heat Options

When you’re choosing a new heating system for your home in the Grand Traverse County area, be sure to consider duel fuel heat pumps. They combine the best aspects of both an electric heat pump and a natural gas forced-air furnace to provide your home with efficient heating during harsh Michigan winters. Here are a few advantages dual fuel heat pumps have to offer:

How Will a Heat Pump Perform in Northern Michigan’s Winter?

A heat pump in a northern Michigan home is a great way to cut your energy bills during certain points of the year. Since heat pumps generally do not work as well once the temperature dips below 30 degrees, you may not be able to get much use out of yours during winter nights. However, heat pumps are one of the best ways of heating your home efficiently during some winter days, as well as in the late fall, and early spring.

Heat Pump’s Not Delivering Cool Air: Learn How to Troubleshoot

Heat pumps are efficient comfort systems that offer the convenience of home cooling and heating in one system. If your heat pump’s not delivering cool air for you this summer, try getting your system cooling again with this checklist, and you may save yourself time and a service call.

How Long Should Your Heat Pump Last in Your Northern Michigan Home?

If you have a heat pump in your Northern Michigan home, you likely will be wondering how long your heat pump might last, and what you can do to extend its lifetime. Heat pumps are great energy-efficient heating and cooling machines that work by moving heat from one place to another. During the warmer months, heat pumps divert heat from inside your house to the outdoors. During the colder months, the opposite happens.

Troubleshooting Your Geothermal Heat Pump: Common Issues for Michigan Homeowners

A geothermal heat pump is one of the most trouble-free ways to stay cozy through Northern Michigan’s snowy winters and keep cool on the warmest summer days. Even with proper geothermal heat pump maintenance, though, sometimes things go wrong. When that happens, a little troubleshooting can help you get your system running again. Most of the following tips will apply to issues with any heat pump system, not just geothermal.

Determining if a Heat Pump Will Work for Your Michigan Home? The Pros and Cons

Like any system, the air-source heat pump has its pros and cons. Even if you’ve heard about how efficient heat pumps are, you may be wondering how they handle Northern Michigan’s frigid, snowy winters. The answer depends in part on your individual situation.

Your Air-Source Heat Pump: Its Heating, Cooling and Defrost Cycles

If you heat with electricity, an air-source heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to stay warm through Northern Michigan’s long and cold winters. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump can keep you cool in summer, too. To do this, your heat pump employs three operating cycles.

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