Deciding Whether to Buy the Whole System or Just the UnitIf one-half of your HVAC system fails, you’ll probably be advised to replace both the indoor and outdoor unit at the same time. Should you follow that advice or just replace the failed unit? Before you decide, you need to know why buying an HVAC system is more beneficial over the long term, even though it costs more upfront.

Better Efficiency and Energy Savings

Efficiency ratings for split systems are based on two matched components working together, and you can reap substantial energy savings by upgrading the entire system. If you replace just one unit, you won’t see any significant savings, because the overall efficiency of the system is limited by the older component.

Greater Longevity and Reliability

Adding a new component to your existing system puts added strain and wear on the older unit. The extra workload makes the older equipment more prone to breakdowns or a failure at the peak of the season, which can leave you without HVAC when you need it most. By updating the entire system, you can rest easy knowing the equipment will provide reliable service for 10-15 years.

Long-Term Cost Savings

In addition to immediate savings on energy, investing in a complete new system also brings you savings on maintenance expenses and repairs over its lifespan. Another big advantage is that you won’t have the added expense and inconvenience of another equipment purchase in the near future when the older half of the system gives out.

Advanced Feature Choices

HVAC systems on the market today offers technologically advanced features that boost efficiency, comfort, humidity control and durability. If you opt for a new system, you can choose features like a variable-speed fan, scroll compressor, better coil design and thermal expansion valve.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage

Manufacturers require that new split systems are installed to their specifications or they won’t cover defects. Those specifications can’t be met if you install mismatched components, so you won’t have warranty coverage on the new unit.

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