Avoiding Mineral Buildup in Your HumidifierHumidifiers are essential for adding well-needed moisture into a dry indoor environment. You can use your humidifier to combat the many problems caused by low humidity, including dry skin, respiratory issues and even static electricity. However, your humidifier will only work as long as it’s properly maintained.

Preventing calcium and lime scale buildup is a major part of maintaining your humidifier. Excess mineral buildup can easily keep your humidifier from doing its job. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can prevent mineral buildup from happening to your humidifier.

Ways to Prevent Mineral Buildup

Here are a few tips you can use to keep mineral buildup at bay:

  • Keep your humidifier clean. Cleaning your humidifier on a regular basis can help prevent minerals from building up inside the unit.
  • Never fill your humidifier with tap water. Tap water is laden with minerals and other impurities that could build up inside of your humidifier. Instead, you should use distilled water that’s specifically treated to eliminate impurities.
  • Always empty the water reservoir after use. Allowing old water to stagnate inside the reservoir can allow minerals to build up inside. In addition, it’ll also give mold and mildew a perfect opportunity to flourish and spread to other parts of the humidifier.

Tackling Existing Mineral Buildup

If your humidifier is already showing signs of mineral buildup, you can tackle it by using undiluted white vinegar to dissolve calcium and lime deposits. Once you have your humidifier disassembled, you can scrub away the mineral deposits using a toothbrush or other small scrubbing brush.

Major lime and calcium deposits can be removed by soaking the area in white vinegar for a couple of hours or overnight, depending on the amount of buildup encountered. Afterwards, you can wipe the area with a clean cloth and rinse it with distilled water.

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