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Make Sure Your Attic Insulation Is Sufficient So You Stay Warm This Winter

Make Sure Your Attic Insulation Is Sufficient So You Stay Warm This WinterThe cold weather has arrived — is your home winter-ready? Taking the time to evaluate and improve your attic insulation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of boosting your home comfort and lowering your utility bill this heating season. Here’s why teaming up with your HVAC contractor to check out your insulation situation is a must this winter.

What’s the big deal about attic insulation?

Most everyone is familiar with the concept that heat naturally rises, and the heat that’s generated from your furnace is no exception. Your attic insulation is intended to act as a thermal barrier to prevent the warm air that your heating system worked hard to produce from escaping the living areas of your home. When your insulation is lacking, however, your house may suffer from significant heat loss that can reduce your home comfort and cause your furnace to work harder than necessary.

In addition to putting strain on your equipment and raising your heating bill, a poorly insulated attic can lead to other costly damages. It’s important that warm air is blocked from reaching your attic in order to prevent ice dams. When the temperature in your attic is high enough to melt snow or ice from your roof, it could re-freeze in your gutters and cause major problems.

How much attic insulation do I need?

Generally your attic should be insulated enough that you can’t see the floor joist beneath the insulated material. It’s a smart idea to work with an HVAC professional to determine the R-value, or thermal resistance, of your attic’s current insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that attic insulation in the Grand Traverse area have an R-value from R-38 to R-60. If it’s determined that yours is lacking, your contractor will help you determine how much you should add and which type will be best for your home.

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