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Air Sealing Your Traverse City Home for Winter: How and Why

Air Sealing Your Traverse City Home for Winter: How and WhyAs temperatures begin to fall in Traverse City, you need to make sure your home is ready to weather the winter. Instead of dreading the electricity or gas bill, take action before it’s time to turn on the heater. Air sealing your home is the best way to protect yourself from unnecessary heating expenses. 

Common air leaks that drain energy

Sealing your home for the winter is a lot like weatherizing your home for summer; in both cases, you’ll want to maintain stable temperatures and good indoor air quality, no matter how much the weather changes outside. That means keeping outside air out, and eliminating any air leaks that cause your heater to work overtime. Common sources include:

  • Recessed lights – gaps and cracks in the openings can let in air
  • Attic entrance – closing this should create an airtight lock
  • Door frames – some door materials shrink and expand
  • Window frames – caulking will crack and building materials will settle
  • Outlets and switches – tighten and re-seal openings
  • Plumbing – pipes don’t just leak water; they also create air leaks, especially when frozen pipes expand

Diagnose and address your air leaks

You can’t start air sealing your home until you identify and close each leak. An expert can perform a home energy evaluation, using sophisticated technology to detect temperature and pressure changes within your home. However, you should always keep an eye on all openings and check pipes, sills, and flues for damage caused by freezing temperatures.

Pay special attention to your door and window openings, re-caulking and weather-stripping as needed. These are the biggest openings in your home, and if you don’t patch gaps or cracks right away, you’ll be heating more than just your home. You should also stock up on foam sealant, cover openings like chimneys and exhaust fans when not in use, and consider upgrading to more energy-efficient windows.

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