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How Air Purification Gets The Job Done Right

How Air Purification Gets The Job Done RightAccording to The Blacksmith Report, indoor air pollution is the fourth ranked health risk in the world. While many government-mandated restrictions on products that produce bad things for us to breathe in our homes, the problem of indoor air pollution, and the need for purification remains. While this may sound bad, it can be controlled with some basic cleaning practices and a bit of higher technology.

Indoor air pollution
Indoor air pollution consists of mold, mildew, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, chemical vapors, bacteria and viruses, to name a few. Because we now build more energy-efficient homes, outside air doesn’t flow through our houses like it once did. Since outside air is not rinsing our houses as much as it did in the past, indoor pollutants become more stagnant and can build up in our homes. This build-up of indoor pollutants can trigger asthma and allergies. If there are chemical pollutants from cleaning products, ozone from electronic devices or other chemical sources, they can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue, as well as long-term health issues.

What is whole-house air purification?
Air filtering systems are rated using the industry standard MERV rating system. The ratings range from one to 16, with 16 meaning that smaller particles are trapped. Generally, as the particle size gets smaller, the health risk gets bigger, so the higher the MERV rating, the better. A rating of MERV 16 means the system can trap the majority of bacteria, airborne cooking oil, insecticide dust, powders, smoke and paint pigments. Whole-house air purifiers can allow you to achieve this MERV rating, which is equivalent to systems used by general surgery operating rooms. Some whole-house air purification systems even provide ultraviolet treatment which attacks bacteria and viruses.

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