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Learn How to Find Air Leaks in Your Home

Learn How to Find Air Leaks in Your HomeAir leaks in your Grand Traverse County home result in higher utility bills, less comfort and more wear on your HVAC systems. When outdoor air infiltrates your home during the summer and winter, your furnace or A/C must work harder to compensate, increasing energy costs and causing cold or hot spots in your home. 

Detecting Air Leaks Indoors

You can find many leaks yourself with this simple procedure: On a windy day, close all of your doors and windows to depressurize your home. Light a stick of incense and pass it near common leak areas:

  • Windows and doors
  • Service entrances
  • Pipes and vents that pass through exterior walls
  • Light switches and outlets on exterior walls
  • Baseboards
  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Fireplaces and wood stoves
  • Attic entrances

Where the smoke from the incense wavers, you have an air leak.

Detecting Air Leaks Outdoors

Inspect the exterior of your home. Where building materials meet, you may find gaps and cracks that should be sealed. Look for gaps in these common leak spots:

  • The corners of your home where siding, wood or other materials meet
  • Where the exterior walls meet the chimney
  • Where the foundation meets the bottom of your exterior walls
  • Around water faucets

Sealing Air Leaks

Caulk is ideal for sealing leaks. Use silicone caulk for smaller gaps, such as where your wall meets door and window frames, along baseboards and around recessed lighting fixtures. For larger gaps, such as those you might find around pipes and vents on exterior walls, use expandable caulk. Place pre-formed foam sealing gaskets behind outlet and light switch plates that leak air.

Consider a Professional Energy Audit

If you live in a particularly drafty home, a professional energy audit may be your best bet for detecting and sealing all of the areas that leak air. The energy audit includes a blower door test, during which your home is depressurized to help the technician pinpoint leaks.

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