Simple Tips for Remembering to Change Your Air FilterIt might be an unassuming and easily-overlooked part of your home HVAC system, but your furnace or air conditioner’s air filter actually plays a big role. It keeps the inner workings of your system free from dust and debris – and when it clogs up, the strain it puts on the fan motors can be one of the leading causes of system failure. Savvy homeowners know to replace the filter once a month, and here are some of the tips they may use to remind themselves to do it.

  • Setting reminders on smartphones and calendars. You can jot down a note on a wall or desk calendar, too, but the big advantage of digital calendars is that you can easily set events to repeat monthly. That way, you’re sure to remember every month, not just the next one.
  • Keeping air filters accessible. If your replacement filters are shoved in the back of a closet, storeroom, or shed somewhere, they can be easily forgotten – and, when remembered, it can be easy to leave the hassle of getting them out for another day. Instead, keep filters in a visible location, like a cleaning closet or utility room.
  • Writing the replacement month on the filter. Most filters are lined with cardboard, which can easily be marked with a permanent marker. Jot down the names of upcoming months, so that when you see them, it’ll be a convenient jog to your memory.
  • Combining filter replacement with other tasks. Are there other activities you do around the house on a monthly basis? If so, just get in the habit of changing out the air filter at the same time. Replacing the filter is a pretty quick and easy task, so it shouldn’t disrupt your plans.
  • Knowing the signs of a clogged filter. If your airflow is sluggish or your central fan sounds strange, it may be time to replace the filter.

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