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Learn Why and When You Should Change the Air Filter in Your Home

Learn Why and When You Should Change the Air Filter in Your HomeRegularly changing the air filter or filters in your Grand Traverse County-area home’s heating/cooling system may seem like a fairly insignificant task but it’s one that holds great importance. Experts advise that you should check your filters’ cleanliness on a monthly basis and that you should replace them when dirty if they’re the disposable type, which most are. If you’re using a reusable air filter it should still be inspected monthly and cleaned when necessary which, for both air filter types, should generally be about every two to three months at most.

Failure to properly maintain your systems’ air filters can bring a host of problems that you would definitely do best to avoid. For example, running your furnace or air conditioner with a dirty filter will:

  • Cause a drop in air pressure and airflow, eventually resulting in no airflow at all. This can cause permanent damage to your equipment
  • Increase the amount of contaminants floating around your living space
  • Increase the dust/dirt level in your home, promoting an unhealthy breathing environment and allergic reactions
  • Lower system efficiency and personal comfort levels
  • Use more energy

Air filter maintenance includes purchasing the proper type filters and installing them correctly so they’re facing the right direction and no gaps are left around the filter’s borders. Check the MERV rating on each filter and choose something within the MERV-8 to MERV-12 range, depending on your specific needs. You HVAC professional can help ensure that you’re using the correct filters for your equipment and that you’re installing them properly.

Certain situations will require more frequent filter changes, such as monthly, and this important task shouldn’t be put off “until later.” These situations include homes with smokers, with dogs or cats, areas that are especially dusty or near a construction site and homes where a fireplace is used.

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