Air Conditioning Options for an Attic RemodelWhen you’re turning your attic into a livable space, it’s best to decide early in the project what you need to do regarding climate control since attics have unique needs. Cooling the attic is a big concern since the space can gain heat from the roof, as well as heat rising from rooms below. Following are available options for air conditioning for an attic remodel.

Extending Ductwork

Air conditioning for an attic remodel may be as simple as using your home’s existing air conditioning system. This requires extending ductwork, but it’s only an option if your HVAC system is large enough to handle the additional load. Before considering this, set up an appointment with an HVAC contractor to do a load calculation.

Adding Another Zone

If you have a zoning system, which divides your home into independent heating and cooling zones, simply give the attic its own zone. Compared to extending ductwork from a traditional HVAC system, this keeps all areas of the home more comfortable. The attic’s extra cooling needs can otherwise mean that lower parts of the home will be overcooled.

Like a traditional system, you’ll need to have your system checked to make sure it can accommodate for the extra heating and cooling load of an additional space. If it’s not big enough, you should invest in a larger system.

 Opt for a Ductless Mini Split

If extending ductwork or buying a new system to handle an increased load is neither feasible nor a desirable solutions, consider a ductless mini split. These electricity-powered systems require only a small point of entry through an exterior wall and channel climate control directly to the space without the need for air ducts. With a mini split, the attic receives its own comfortable heating and cooling solution without placing an extra load on the home’s existing system.

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