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Scheduled Air Conditioner Maintenance Yet? It’s Not Too Late To Cash In On Its Benefits

Scheduled Air Conditioner Maintenance Yet? It's Not Too Late To Cash In On Its BenefitsBefore the temperatures really start soaring, get your air conditioning system in high gear with professional service, as well as some simple do-it-yourself TLC.

Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

The importance of using air conditioning goes without saying. The importance of regularly maintaining your air conditioning system, hopefully, just requires an illustration, as opposed to a repair call. Efficient air conditioning is dependent upon unhindered airflow, and optimal refrigerant function, and they are joined at the hip.

The blower pulls air across the coil containing the refrigerant. This airflow stimulates the refrigerant to pull, or extract, heat out of your home. The refrigerant (and heat) is pumped to the outdoor blower where, by the same airflow-stimulation process, the refrigerant releases the heat , and the blower blows it away. This process repeats until the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat is achieved.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s up to your heating and cooling pro to make sure all components are in good repair so that the airflow-heat extraction process goes smoothly. This saves you substantial cooling energy, and makes your home comfortable. Your technician checks the following, and more:

  • Check and tighten electrical components.
  • Check relays, safety controls, and contactors.
  • Lubricate bearings and moving parts.
  • Clean coils and blower wheel.
  • Check supply/return ducts, and plenum and trunk connections for air bypass.
  • Measure airflow, and adjust blower if necessary.
  • Inspect thermostat function.
  • Check insulation on refrigerant lines.
  • Inspect for refrigerant leaks in coils, line and components.
  • Change or clean air filter.


Simple do-it-yourself TLC between professional service calls involves the following:

  • Change or clean your air filter regularly.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clean of airflow obstacles, like leaves, snow and ice buildup, and anything that hinders airflow.
  • If accessible and safe, clean the indoor blower wheel and coils if dirt accumulates (shut off electricity first).

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