7 Parts That Make Your Air Conditioner Function ProperlyYou know your cooling system is vital to maintain summer comfort, but have you ever taken a closer look at the different parts of the whole? To broaden your knowledge, let’s look at seven air conditioner parts that make your cooling system function properly.

Essential Air Conditioner Parts

  • Thermostat – The thermostat is the command center of the cooling system that lets you control the comfort level in your home.
  • Evaporator – The evaporator is situated inside the indoor air handler compartment. Liquid refrigerant travels through its copper tubing and pulls warmth and moisture from the air as it evaporates into a gas. To increase the tubing’s surface area and improve heat transfer, it’s equipped with metal fins, much like a car’s radiator.
  • Blower – The blower fan sits next to the evaporator. Whenever the fan cycles on, it pulls in warm air through the ducts’ return vents, pushes it over the evaporator coil and then sends the cooled air out into the supply ducting and circulates it through your home.
  • Air filter  – As warm air is drawn into the air handler compartment through the return vents, it travels through the air filter before it hits the evaporator coil. With the filter in place to trap them, dirt particles can’t infiltrate the cooling system where they can damage key components.
  • Compressor – The box-like unit that sits outdoors houses the compressor, which is basically a pump that pulls low-pressure cool refrigerant from the indoor evaporator, pressurizes it into hot gas and pushes it along to the condenser unit.
  • Condenser – Inside the same box is the finned condenser coil, which works like the evaporator but in reverse. The compressor pushes hot, pressurized refrigerant into the coil’s tubing, where it transforms back into a liquid, releasing the heat captured indoors in the process.
  • Outdoor fan – Alongside the condenser is the fan that blows air across the coil to help the refrigerant convert and disperse its heat into the outdoor air.

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