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Don’t Let Common A/C Problems Catch You and Your Michigan Home Offguard

Don't Let Common A/C Problems Catch You and Your Michigan Home OffguardOne of the most common A/C problems is neglecting maintenance. Some homeowners think skipping one year of maintenance will not matter; besides, the air conditioning feels cool enough for your family. However, every time you skip maintenance, it puts more strain on your system to produce cool air and increases your energy costs. Regular maintenance by a homeowner or a professional will catch these common A/C issues before they become expensive problems.

  • Filters: During the A/C season, filters easily clog and should be regularly cleaned or replaced. Ignoring dirty filters will cause dirt to enter the unit and coat the coils. The system will run longer to cool the air flowing over the coils. In addition, excess dirt or pollutants will flow to your rooms and affect the air quality.
  • Condenser: Debris gathers around the outdoor condenser obstructing airflow into the unit. Dirt accumulating on the fins and coils slows the heat transfer process. Remove any debris or overgrown shrubs around the condenser and spray the condenser with a hose to wash off dirt collecting on the unit.
  • Refrigerant: If your system has stopped cooling air, low refrigerant is often the reason. Refrigerant leaking into the environment is an unsafe situation. Contact a professional to find leaks, fix them and charge the system, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Condensate pan and drain: The pan collects excess moisture and releases it to the outdoors through a drain. When the drain is blocked, this excess moisture adds humidity to the conditioned air, making your home uncomfortable. A homeowner can open minor blockages with a snake, but a qualified technician should open blockages that are more difficult.

Many homeowners are handy enough to complete minor air conditioner maintenance, but it is to your advantage to schedule an annual A/C maintenance inspection with a certified professional to increase efficiency and discover potential problems.

If you live in Grand Traverse County or the surrounding areas, contact our knowledgeable staff at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing for information on solutions for common A/C problems. We have proudly provided quality and affordable service for more than 30 years.

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