Your HVAC Tech Should Check the Following During A/C MaintenanceYour air conditioner should receive annual maintenance visits performed by a certified HVAC technician. This helps keep the system running smoothly and efficiently while also preventing serious malfunctions. Following are some items that should be checked during an A/C maintenance visit.

General System Check and Maintenance

The service technician should check the refrigerant lines for any leaks and recharge refrigerant if it’s low. An air conditioner with insufficient refrigerant can’t provide adequate cooling for your home.

The technician should also lubricate the fan and other moving system components, check for loose connections or damage, and tighten connections and make any necessary repairs. Throughout the season, air conditioners need to do a lot of work to keep your home cool, and repairing small problems now can help prevent larger problems later.

Evaporator coils need good airflow or the air conditioner won’t run efficiently and could break down entirely. The technician should check the airflow, and if there seems to be a problem, the pro will work to discover the source of reduced airflow. This can be anything from frosted coils to dirty coils.

In addition to making sure other components work as they should, the technician needs to check the thermostat’s accuracy and calibrate it if it’s not accurate.

Safety Check

The safety check should include checking all wiring and electrical components for damage and wear.


Your contractor should also check and change the air filter, as well as make sure condensate pans and lines are free of clogs. Other parts, such as the evaporator coils, may also be cleaned if necessary. Around the outside unit, yard debris and other obstructions that could block airflow will be removed. When all checks, repairs and cleaning have been finished, the system will be put through a test run to make sure your air conditioner is cycling properly.

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