Common Fixes for an A/C That Is Blowing Hot AirIf your home feels unusually warm and you discover the A/C is blowing hot air, you’ll want to identify the cause and get it fixed fast to restore comfort. Here are five of the most common fixes for this problem, with advice on which ones you can easily remedy yourself and when to call for expert help.

Readjust the Thermostat Setting

If the thermostat was accidentally switched over from cooling to heating mode, you’ll have warm air instead of cool flowing from the registers. The thermostat fan control can cause this issue if it has been switched from “auto” to “on” so the fan runs continuously.

Restore Power to the Outdoor Unit

If the outdoor unit isn’t receiving power, but the indoor blower fan is running, a tripped breaker may be preventing the system from pumping out cold air. Look for a tripped breaker in the main electrical panel and try resetting it. If the A/C cycles on normally, but the breaker quickly trips again, leave it off and call an HVAC pro for help.

Replacing a Clogged Air Filter

An air filter that’s completely clogged can cause a severe airflow restriction that impairs the system’s cooling capabilities. Replacing it with a clean filter should restore the flow of cold air. To avoid a recurrence, check the filter monthly and change it again whenever you see any debris accumulation.

Correcting a Refrigerant Leak

The air conditioner won’t produce cool air if the refrigerant drops below a certain level due to a leak. To avoid inconvenience or equipment damage, have an HVAC technician troubleshoot the system and fix the leak promptly.

Cleaning the Outdoor Coil

If the condenser coil is dirty, or accumulated yard debris and tall grass are suffocating the outdoor unit, you’ll experience a loss of cooling capacity. Try clearing obstructions from around the unit and gently hosing off the coil. If there’s no improvement, have the condenser professionally cleaned.

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