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A Three-Pronged Strategy For Cleaner Air

Cleaner air in your home lets you feel better with every breath you take. It can make a huge difference in your comfort and, even more importantly, your health. Here are three simple steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality.

UV Lights
UV (ultraviolet) lights are germicidal tools that can be installed in your air system to rid your air of any harmful microorganisms. They emit a low level of UV radiation that immediately kills things like viruses, bacteria and fungi upon exposure. They have been proven so effective that they are commonly used in hospitals to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Though they don’t do anything to stop non-living pollutants like dust, pollen or dander, when they are used in conjunction with high-efficiency air filters, they produce the highest indoor air quality possible. Contact an HVAC contractor to have them help you get them installed for your home.

Improve Ventilation
Increasing the amount of outdoor air you allow to come in can help you lower pollutants in your air. If your home is too tightly sealed, fresh air never has a chance to come in and replenish your home. If you have fans in your kitchen or bathroom that simply recirculate the air, upgrade to fans that will deposit this dirty air outside and bring in fresh air. It is especially important to increase ventilation when you are engaged in things that involve a high concentration of pollutants like painting, cooking or soldering.

Source Control
Simply eliminating indoor source of pollution will help you achieve cleaner air. Minimizing the use of candles and smoking cigarettes only outside are two simple steps that can help. This is typically the most cost-effective and simple approach.

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