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"Ask the Experts" - WTCM AM NewsTalk 580 Radio


Team Bob's Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is proud to be a part of WTCM Radio's "Ask the Experts." Once every four weeks, Charles King, along with other members of the Service Team, take your calls on Ron Jolly's weekly "Ask the Experts" broadcast.


"Ask the Experts" is a fun and interactive way to not only get to know the Team, but also get answers to commonly asked questions about heating, cooling, and plumbing.


Here is our schedule for 2016-17. Be sure to listen every 4th Tuesday at 10 AM!


∙ Tuesday, August 30th ∙ Tuesday, February 14th
∙ Tuesday, September 27th ∙ Tuesday, March 14th
∙ Tuesday, October 25th ∙ Tuesday, April 11th
∙ Tuesday, November 22nd ∙ Tuesday, May 9th
∙ Tuesday, December 20th ∙ Tuesday, June 6th
∙ Tuesday, January 17th ∙ Tuesday, July 4th
  ∙ Tuesday, August 1st